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Spaceport America Experience
301 S. Foch St. Truth or Consequences

During the journey out and back from the remote spaceport site, surrounded by the scenic beauty and rugged high desert range of New Mexico’s Old West, visitors learn the history and evolution of the regional Spanish and Native American pioneers of the past to the space pioneers of the future and the dawn of the second space age. After arriving to the secure Spaceport America site and a short walk up the Astronaut Walk, visitors enter the Gateway Gallery where their journey through commercial space continues with numerous interactive exhibits and kiosks. Some visitors choose to experience the G-Shock simulator that subjects the would-be astronaut to rapid acceleration comparable to what an actual astronaut might feel in flight. Later, visitors venture into the Spaceport Operations Center (SOC) and interact with Spaceport America crewmembers and the state-of-the-art fire station before taking a cruise down the spaceport’s main runway – Spaceway 16-34 – before stopping in front of the iconic URS/ Foster + Partners structure, Gateway to Space terminal/hangar for a photo opportunity. The Spaceport America Experience journey lasts approximately 4 hours.