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Spanish Stirrup Rock Shop
6355 Stirrup Rd SE Deming

Spanish Stirrup Rock Shop is located right off I10 at Exit 85 in Deming, NM. Deming is located in sunny Luna County. Luna County has been the rock-meca of the southwestern region of the Untied States for decades. At Spanish Stirrup Rock shop we specialize in rocks from our area. Thunder eggs/Geodes are a huge part of our business. We dig locally for thunder eggs from Luna County. This area was highly volcanic millions of years ago which makes it an ideal spot for rockhounds to seek out the best of materials. We also carry a large inventory of slabs for your lapidary needs. We do have over 6,000 cabochons in stock if you prefer your stones already cut and polished. We have agates, jaspers/rhyolites, thunder eggs/geodes and much more in the rough and as a finished product. Check out our website at