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Star*Art Jewelry
(703) 606-0704

Design your own beaded phone wristlet, lanyard for IDs, masks and glasses, or indulge in an affordable custom one-of-a-kind beaded jewelry creation by Pamela E Troutman of STAR*ART.

Make work fun by dressing up ID badges with my beaded necklaces. I use unique focal beads and my design feature is a beaded loop. Place the badge clip on your ID or holder and you can easily change from one lanyard to another to match your attire. You can also use the loop as an eyeglass holder, hang your keys, cell phone, or as a necklace (just unclip your ID at the end of the day and away you go!) It gives me great pleasure to offer you quality jewelry for your ID badge and sensational design for after work. I call it "functional jewelry".

My lanyards were sold at a government agency when I worked there, so quality is very important to me.

Thank you for stopping by and taking a look at my jewelry. Pam

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