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Taos Hum - Make it Stop
925 Paseo del Pueblo Sur Taos, NM 87571
North Central
(505) 946-8121

THE TAOS HUM· MAKE IT STOP HOT SAUCE is made from a variety of fresh peppers that are all grown by us at Walking Trout Farm. We harvest and bottle the Taos Hum once a year in December. Flavors vary slightly each year depending on the annual yield of each pepper, annual differences in temperature and water supply as well as additions of new pepper varieties. We listen to our customers and believe these annual changes result in the Taos Hum being more like a wine with unique flavor characteristic specific to each year. Our small batch production, process and locally derived ingredients separate us from so many of the other hot sauces that are available.

The strange mystery of the Taos Hum has been solved!! Only some can hear it, we promise you will feel and taste it, and no one can make it Stop!

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