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Tucumcari Ranch Supply
502 S. Lake Street Tucumcari

Tucumcari Ranch Supply is an old fashion town and country store owned and operated by Jimmy and Stella Watson for the past 30 years. We are located at 502 S. Lake Street, just two blocks north of historic Route 66. You can contact us at (575)461-9620 or ( We carry a varied inventory of hardware items, animal and pet food, animal health products, western clothing/hats/belts and jewelry, Route 66 items, tack, gifts and home decor. We also offer food items (dips, salsas, jams, and soups to mention just a few) and other products produced in New Mexico. We are the retail dealer for Tucumcari Mountain Cheese which is manufactured in Tucumcari. We also operate Watson's BBQ and Bakery as part of Tucumcari Ranch Supply. The barbeque restaurant is open Fridays and Saturdays from 10:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., or we sell out, whichever comes first. Our menu is always changing and our reputation is growing for providing quality barbeque at reasonable prices. Our bakery prepares donuts and other pastries and fresh baked bread daily, except Sundays. We offer catering services for both the barbeque and the bakery. We feel that Tucumcari Ranch Supply is truly a small "Mom and Pop" store because of the variety of products we carry and the care and concern we show our customers.