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Water Prisms
03 Canon del Apache Placitas

Glass artists Nancy & Jon Couch create Glass Gifts of Light such as Water Prisms, Glass Art Mandalas, Pyramid Lamps, Sun Catchers, Jewelry Boxes in their studio in the foothills of Placitas. Open year round, you can call for directions and hours. There is an online store of their stained glass gifts at Their unique glass art is always present at the Placitas Holiday Sale and the Placitas Studio Tour, two popular art shows found in Placitas. Known mostly for their unique Water Prisms that they have been making for 35 years, they sell them worldwide on their website. Broadcasting Rainbows...Water Prisms are glass prism sculptures that are filled with water to transform sunlight into radiant full spectrum colors. Shaped like diamonds, pendants, gems, crystals they hang in your windows shining brilliant rainbows that can dance throughout any home. During the full moon, the moonlight will create pastel colored moonbows that refract through the Water Prism and shine on your walls at night. This is a working glass studio in a pleasant setting in Placitas.