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Weaver Guitar Straps
Edgewood Edgewood, NM 87015
North Central

While a young woman in my teens, I discovered the inkle loom and weaving became a lifelong passion. Inkle looms are designed to produce narrow wares and I enjoy making straps for many uses including: guitars and other instruments, cameras, purses and luggage. Each strap is woven, one at a time in a unique pattern, created in the moment, using as many as twenty two hues. Many things inspire my patterns and color combinations- almost anything that crosses my path and catches my eye. I prefer to use natural materials because they provide the best quality and feel. Cotton is what I use most often as it is a soft, strong, flexible and breathable fabric which makes for a very comfortable strap. A cotton strap will conform to fit your body without cutting into your shoulder. Strap hardware and leather is chosen carefully and sewn securely by hand. Your strap is handmade, start to finish, by my own two hands in my home in Edgewood, New Mexico, USA. Find my straps for sale at these NM locations: Pimentel & Sons Guitarmakers in Albuquerque // Tres Estrellas Design in Taos // GallerÍa Ortega in Chimayó // Borrego's Guitars & Music Supply in Santa Fe Visit my website to see what events I'll be showing at in New Mexico. I've got a great lineup for Summer and Fall!!

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