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Young Guns LLC
PO Box 959 Hatch, NM 87937

More than 82 years ago the tradition of growing chile began with Joseph and Celestina Franzoy who immigrated to the Hatch Valley from Tyrol, Austria. Today their family has grown to over 500 and many continue the chile farming tradition. Farmers swear the unique soil, coupled with the Rio Grande river water and perfect "chile climate" makes growing this chile possible only in the Hatch Valley. The talent for growing chile in this valley has been perfected as it has been passed down from generation to generation. The Hatch Valley encompasses 15 miles, winding along the historic Rio Grande river. Area farmers are almost all related and share in the involvement of this famous chile. Young Guns was established in February of 1992, the principal owners are Chris and Tammy Franzoy. The company has evolved into one of the largest suppliers in the Hatch Valley of green chile both fresh and frozen, onions, pumpkins and pinto beans.