Mining was mainly Zinc and the big business was the Emerald Zinc mine built during World War one.  Copper mining also took place here. Much of the mining shut down for good in the 1970's. Many residence and buildings scattered throughout the trees and lining the Hanover creek bed. It is difficult to tell when you have left Hanover and reached Fierro.

In it's heyday Fierro boasted a movie theater, a variety store, and a pool hall. The pool room was owned by Sheriff Mack Minton who claimed he knew Billie the Kid. He also resented the fact that people called Billie a hero. In the 1920's a fire destroy much of the town.


8 miles north of Bayard on NM 356

Getting There

Hanover and Fierro are located just east of Sliver City. Get there by taking NM 180 north from Deming and turn right onto 356 in Bayard.

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Images Courtesy of Mike Sinnwell