Visiting Albuquerque Museums & Cultural Centers

Visiting one of our many museums or cultural centers will bring the past alive, offering insight into our traditions. At events such as art fairs, music festivals or Native American dances, you will rub shoulders with locals and understand what makes our city tick. You can take excursions to see ancient cliff dwellings or petroglyphs. Doing so will take only hours out of your day, but will introduce you to millennia of history. 

For an introduction to New Mexico's 19 Pueblos, be sure to visit the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center which offers information and resources on Native American culture, history and art. If you're interested in the area's Spanish heritage, don't miss the National Hispanic Cultural Center where you can learn about the Day of the Dead traditions, see world-class flamenco performances and enjoy other cultural events. Albuquerque's Museum of Art and History has exhibits on the city's origins as a Spanish colonial village, which will give you a whole new perspective on our city. The Albuquerque Museum of Art and History also includes artworks in all traditions, from the works of indigenous peoples to Spanish colonial art to cutting-edge modern installations. Albuquerque's numerous museums provide you with a unique and in-depth perspective on diverse topics covering art, history, culture, science, nature and unique topics such as hot air ballooning and turquoise.