The Healing Waters of Jemez Springs

Located less than an hour north of Albuquerque along the Jemez Mountain Trail National Scenic Byway, the incorporated Village of Jemez Springs is a stunning retreat with authentic culture and history that inspires people to unplug from their busy lives and reconnect with nature and the self.



Jemez PuebloAs the name implies, Jemez Springs is abundant with nurturing hot springs - both commercial and primitive - whose healing mineral waters have attracted many here for centuries. In fact, archaeological findings discovered near Soda Dam date back as far as 2,500 BC. Pueblos were later created and today, visitors can walk the 1,400 foot interpretive trail at Jemez Historic Site whose ruins date back 500 years. The 16th century San José de Guisewa (Jemez) church at the monument encapsulates the arrival of Spanish missionaries to the area. San José de Guisewa is one of the largest of all missions in the United States. Jemez Springs transformed into a tourist destination in the 1800’s because of the lure of its hot springs.

Despite dramatic changes over the last 150 years, many traditions continue here today. Public dances at Jemez Pueblo resemble those that have been celebrated for generations; water still flows through acequias dug more than 100 years ago; and old adobe or river-rock-and-mortar buildings have stood the test of time. Descendants of some of the original families – those named on old Spanish land grants – still live here.Jemez Mountain Trail

Take a journey of preserved area history, displayed at the Jemez Pueblo’s Walatowa Visitor Center just seven miles south of Jemez Springs. Near the pueblo, award winning Ponderosa Winery offers wine tour and tastings, where visitors can take a bottle to enjoy while staying at one of many welcoming accommodations in the village. 

Jemez Springs is also within a short driving distance to Fenton Lake, Gilman Tunnels, Valles Caldera National Park, and Los Alamos, NM.

Unplug. Reconnect. Soak it All In at Jemez Springs.

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