Tijeras is the southern gateway to the Turquoise Trail and the bustling mountain communities along its path.

481 Hwy 66, Tijeras,
NM 8705



Two canyons come together at Tijeras, the Spanish name for scissors.  Tijeras Canyon, leads  west towards  Albuquerque, and Cedro Canyon, leads south to the Manzano Mountains as The Salt Mission Trail. The area was first inhabited by pueblo Indians, living in a pueblo whose ruins can be seen behind the USFS station.  Stop at the Cibola National Forest headquarters,  one mile south of Tijeras on NM 337 for  information and brochures on the areas recreational opportunities and visit Tijeras Pueblo Archaeological  Site behind the office. The village is dotted with shops, services and access to hiking trails.

The deep canyon that separates Sandia and Monzano Mountains contains the eastbound & westbound lanes of I-40 and a popular portion of old Route 66, that parallels I-40 from Albuquerque west to Clines Corners. New Mexico State Road 14 heads north from the village, toward Cedar Crest, Sandia Crest, Madrid and Santa Fe.

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