This area of rich diversity includes dinosaur diggings, volcanoes with magnificent lava flows, desert-like areas, high rugged mountains, lakes and lush valleys.

With the arrival of the railroad to the New Mexico territory in the mid 1800's, surveyors and engineers established "Grants Camp," now simply know as Grants. During the 30's and 40's, the region was touted as the "Carrot Capital of the World." In the 1950's, uranium was discovered and the nuclear age dawned in the land of Cibola.



Located in Grants, New Mexico, is the only Uranium Mining Museum in the world. Here the raw and often dangerous conditions of a mining hole have been re-created and domed with a graceful white stone and glass.

Acoma Sky City 

Acoma received the name “Sky City” by being perched atop a 70-acre sandstone mesa rising 367 feet above the valley floor. Acoma continues to be the oldest continuously inhabited community in the United States. Acoma Sky City 

El Malpais National Monument

El Malpais (pronounced ell-mal-pie-ees) means “the badlands” in Spanish. Its volcanic features include jagged spatter cones, a lava tube cave system extending at least 17 miles, and fragile ice caves.

Ice Cave & Bandera Volcano 

Situated on the Continental Divide, visitors walk over an ancient lava trail, through twisted, old juniper, fir and ponderosa pines to the Ice Cave. Another trail winds around the side of the Bandera Volcano to view one of the best examples of a volcanic eruption in the country. Ice Cave & Bandera Volcano

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