El Morro National Monument

Also known as “Inscription Rock,” this massive sandstone bluff served as a welcome campsite for weary travelers. Here you’ll see centuries-old Indian petroglyphs, Anasazi ruins, and over 2,000 signatures, dates and messages of Spanish and American travelers dating back to the 1500s. Museum exhibits located in the visitor center will give you a glimpse of 700 years of human history. Two self-guided trails are also available.

From Grants, continue south on Highway 53 for 20 minutes to El Morro National Monument

El Morro Inscription


Acoma Sky City

You'll discover the oldest continuously inhabited “city” in the United States, Acoma Sky City. Here you’ll see San Esteban Mission, a beautiful and rustic structure that rests on a massive sandstone mesa. The Mission was completed in 1640 under the direction of Spanish Friar Juan Ramirez. The Acoma Visitors Center is located at the base of Acoma Sky City. You’ll also find a crafts shop and native foods café.

From Grants, turn east on Interstate 40 to the Acoma Sky City

Ice Cave and Bandera Volcano

The Ice Cave and Bandera Volcano is New Mexico's Land of Fire and Ice. The Ice Cave is located within a section of collapsed lava tube where just the right combination of physical factors create a natural phenomenon, generating new ice every year. An ancient trail has been carved through the rugged lava from the historic trading post to the cave, the same pathway people have been crossing for over a thousand years to enjoy the cool, refreshing splendor of the Ice Cave. Another scenic hike winds around the side and into the Bandera Volcano. It is a spectacular cinder cone caldera, reaching across the U.S. Continental Divide above 8,000 ft. elevation. You can walk to both natural landmarks and return in about one hour at a leisurely pace.

Head south 25 minutes on Highway 53, from Grants, to the Ice Cave and Bandera Volcano.

Bandera Ice Cave and Volcano