Today this scenic drive is known as the farm road or wine road, named for the agricultural lands and vineyards that line its path. Travelers will find interesting sites and a variety of places to stop and engage with the local community along the way. During summer, stop and pick fruits and vegetables; then in fall, look for pumpkin patches and corn mazes that will delight children and adults alike. Learn about desert landscaping from the experts at Sierra Vista Growers. Meet the vintners and take a tour of La Viña Winery (scheduled by appointment) or spend the afternoon on their spacious grounds during one of the two wine festivals the Stark family hosts each year. Neighboring La Mesa is home of Chope’s. This iconic cantina, run by generations of the same family since 1915, has been featured in magazines and is revered by locals. Continuing north on the Don Juan de Oñate Trail will take you under the cool shade of pecan trees as you pass Stahmann Farms’ miles of orchards. More wine, local honey and herbs are available along your route. Finish up in Historic Mesilla, its Spanish Colonial plaza, anchored by the Basilica San Albino and surrounded by boutiques, cafés and restaurants will complete your journey.