There are six basic design principles that define an earthship: building with repurposed materials; thermal/solar heating and cooling; solar and wind electricity; water harvesting; contained sewage treatment; and food production. Each of these design principles leverages existing natural phenomena and blends them to create a truly sustainable living environment, designed to collect water, produce electricity, and grow food.

Pie Town

This tiny community tucked in southwestern New Mexico has a name that will pique your curiosity and make your mouth water at the same time. Take a peek inside this New Mexico True gem chock full of history and bursting with flavor.

The Guide

Where does world champion fly fisherman and guide Norman Maktima spend his spare time? On the water with his father, Duane, of course. Of all of the places Norman has cast his line, he says there is no place in the world to fish like New Mexico.

The Love Apple

When Andrea Meyer first drove into Taos, she knew she’d found something special. As the chef at the Love Apple, she’s crafted a menu based on the unique ingredients and cuisine of northern New Mexico.


Navajo Silversmith Roland Brady lives in the shadow of New Mexico’s most iconic landmark—Shiprock Pinnacle. His mother taught him to work with silver, melting down old coins and silver scrap and hammering the metal into something beautiful. Now, five decades in, Roland Brady produces some of the most intricate and soulful pieces inspired from the landscape that he calls home.

Cured Earth (Adobe)

You’ve heard the expression, ‘dumb as mud?’ Well, that’s not really how we think about our mud here in New Mexico.

Aunt June

We’re celebrating chile harvest season this year with a new video in our popular “True Stories” video series. The story, called “Aunt June”, features 91-year-old Hatch native June Rutherford giving tips on chile, telling the story of the Hatch Valley’s designation as the “Chile Capital of the World”, and explaining that she credits her longevity in part to consuming copious amounts of the spicy food.

Deep South

In late February, 2015, the largest storm in a decade blanketed New Mexico with more than 70 inches of snow. We were ready with our skis and boards. Here’s how it all went down.

The Searchers

Finding the gold isn’t what it’s all about. It’s about venturing out and seeing parts of New Mexico you might otherwise miss. In some ways that might be better than gold!

The Visionary

Blind since the Vietnam war, sculptor Michael Naranjo sculpts the wildlife and Native American dancers of his childhood – purely from feel and memory. 

The Impossible Goat

Follow native New Mexican Trevon Stoltzfus on his hunt for the elusive Persian ibex near Deming.

The Migration

Inspired by the migrating birds, Taos photographer and pilot Chris Dahl-Bredine takes to the sky above the Rio Grande.

The Fighter

An old ranger station near the Sandia Mountains has become a beacon for combat fighter Carlos Condit as he trains for his next big fight.