Meet Our Roadtrippers

We recently invited ten artists, foodies, and entrepreneurs on a weekend road trip in New Mexico — and they came away refreshed and inspired. Get to know these awesome personalities and find out how their trip through the Land of Enchantment changed them for the better. 

Paige Appel & Kelly Harris

Paige Appel & Kelly Harris —
co-creators of Midland

These two cool kids out of Southern California head up Midland, a shop that offers a variety of  — as it says directly in their logo — well-chosen goods.

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Paige - Kelly - Midland

Allison Crawford

Allison Crawford — 
interior designer and creator of HOTELette

Traveling is the primary source of design inspiration for Austin-based Allison, who is a true design-world triple threat: an interior designer, a licensed real-estate agent, and the founder of HOTELette, an expanding list of custom-designed vacation rentals.

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Bri Emery

Bri Emery — founder of designlovefest

A graphic designer and art director by trade, Bri has partnered with brands such as Target and Keds to create bespoke collections. An asthete and tastemaker, Bri also does branding and design for some of retail’s coolest brands.

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Claire Keane

Claire Keane — Disney animator and children’s book author

Claire is a distinguished artist who’s worked with Disney Animation on classics such as Frozen, Tangled, and Enchanted. She’s Paris-educated and headquartered in L.A., and her original books and artwork are for sale at her website.

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Jane Ko

Jane Ko — founder of Austin’s top food and travel blog, A Taste of Koko

Jane is not only the brains behind A Taste of Koko — where you can check out her rundowns of the hottest restaurants and weekend getaways — but she’s also worked with major brands in the lifestyle and travel space, such as Uber and

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Rashanna Moss

Rashanna Moss — CEO of the wellness company, Moderna Muse

Rashanna is an expert at inspiration and enlightenment — the wellness company she cofounded provides coaching and programming to help clients find their “muse.” She additionally opened three successful Pure Barre studios in Texas.

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Amy Sherman

Amy Sherman — cookbook author and food blogger

Amy’s a Bay Area dweller, seasoned food blogger, and the author of several books covering off on all corners of the foodie experience, from appetizers to wine. Read up on 15 years of gastronomic adventures at Cooking with Amy.

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Deana Saukam

Deana Saukam — food and travel blogger and founder of Faim Fatale

You can catch Deana traveling all over the world — she meets top chefs and eats local and regional favorites across the globe. Her food photography is a gourmand’s dream.

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Aleksandra Zee

Aleksandra Zee — artist and woodworker

Aleksandra is able to turn her travels into intricate wooden art, both small- and large-scale. Keep up with her California-based shows and shop her designs at

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