Meet Our Roadtrippers

We recently invited ten artists, foodies, and entrepreneurs on a weekend road trip in New Mexico — and they came away refreshed and inspired. Get to know these awesome personalities and find out how their trip through the Land of Enchantment changed them for the better. 

Our Roadtrippers' Take on New Mexico's Culture


Treasures Found Here

The artisan and maker communities trace their roots back for generations. We invited a group of the most creative minds around to spend a long weekend here. This is what they had to say.


A Flavor Explosion

Few things define a place like the culinary culture you find there. Here, some of the top foodies describe the flavors they found when they visited the state. Spoiler: They really like green chile!


Where Quiet is a Feeling

When you visit, it is impossible not to notice the sense of calm that overcomes you. From the clear dark skies to the sunset colors found nowhere else, you will find plenty of opportunities to take a deep breath and enjoy the laid-back desert vibe.